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Construction Technician
Stillwater, Oklahoma

White Star Petroleum is accepting applications for the full-time position of Construction Technician.

The Construction Technician will supervise and oversee construction crews during the installation of containments, tank batteries, flowlines, pipelines, painting and any other tasks at construction sites. The position is required to respond to emergencies; walk out pipelines, locate the lines and witness any excavations around the lines.

  • Oversee excavation and backfilling trenches, cutting and threading of pipe, the application of various coatings on steel pipe and fittings, read and interpret company maps, construction drawings, inspection of plastic pipe and fittings using heat fusion or mechanical
  • Meet and maintain acceptable levels of quality and quantity of work as required
  • Perform duties in a manner that follows Company, local, state and federal regulations, safety and emergency practices and procedures
  • Use and maintain protective safety equipment including, but not limited to, self-contained breathing devices, flash suits, harnesses and life lines as required
  • Operate, clean and maintain assigned vehicles, equipment, tools and material and complete required documentation
  • Complete written and electronic Company forms and records in neat, legible, accurate and timely manner
  • Operate computer based software programs as required
  • Perform other duties as assigned with appropriate training
  • Regular and predictable attendance is a condition of employment and is an essential function of the job
  • Possess the right and obligation to stop work if unsafe conditions exist or are suspected
  • Meet and maintain the strenuous physical requirements of the position (extended walking and standing)
  • Must be able to be on-call and work overtime
  • Must be able to be contacted and respond for emergency duty when on-call
  • Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license and/or other special licenses/certifications
  • Must be able to perform shift work, staggered workweek, including recognized holidays
  • Must successfully complete all classroom and hands-on training as required
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in Oil & Gas industry, specifically in oilfield construction and line locating
  • High school diploma or GED required
  • Must possess general knowledge and functions relating to the installation of production equipment, facilities, pipelines, and be able to read and interpret construction design and as-built
  • Must be familiar with “Call 811” guidelines and be able to use company’s locating software
  • Basic computer skills using Microsoft Office
HR Manager
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

White Star Petroleum is accepting applications for the full-time position of HR Manager.

The human resource manager is directly responsible for the overall administration, coordination and evaluation of the human resource function. The candidate will provide leadership and guidance on a variety of initiatives such as compensation, benefit administration, performance management, employee relations, employee engagement, policy interpretation, and employee development.

  • Responsible for administration of payroll, benefits, 401k, leave, unemployment claims, internal audits, garnishments, compensation, budgeting, and terminations
  • Ensures policies, procedures and HR programs are consistently administered, aligned with organizational goals and are in compliance with professional standards, state and federal regulatory requirements and laws
  • Annually reviews and makes recommendations to executive management for improvement of the organization’s policies, procedures and practices
  • Communicates changes in the organization's personnel policies and procedures and ensures that proper compliance is followed
  • Assists executive management in the employee review, preparation and administration of the organization’s wage and salary program as well as position classifications
  • Recommends, evaluates and participates in staff development for the organization
  • Works directly with department managers to provide guidance and counsel to leaders and employees with regard to successful execution of all HR programs, policies and procedures
  • Direct and participate in the work of recruitment, selection and placement of prospective employees
  • Participate and manage compensation surveys and benchmarks
  • Assures Carrier Connections are operating accurately and effectively
  • Manages enrollments of benefits to all plans and conducts open enrollment meetings
  • Assists employees regarding benefits claim issues and plan changes
  • Processes and administers all leave-of-absence requests and disability paperwork: medical, personal, disability and FMLA
  • Handles activities related to the Form 5500 and 401k Audit
  • Responsible for the bi-annual performance management and merit increase process
  • Conducts audits of HR data
  • Partner with management to ensure an engaged workforce. Helps implement and support engagement efforts and activities
  • 8+ years progressive experience in HR disciplines with a strategic focus or equivalent experience
  • Experience working with, coaching, and influencing senior leaders
  • Proven experience in a leadership role in a growing, evolving organization
  • Strong HR and business acumen, including problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and self-initiative
  • Experience providing support in multiple HR functions such as employee relations, compensation, performance management and employee development
  • Strong interpersonal, oral and written communication skills
  • Advanced computer literacy with specific proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Model leadership, accountability, initiative and integrity
  • Ability to coach, empower and develop team members
Lease Operator
Stillwater, Oklahoma

White Star Petroleum is accepting applications for the full-time position of Lease Operator.

The Lease Operator optimizes and maintains oil and gas production and lease expenses. Under general supervision, this position prepares, maintains, and submits daily reports and records of daily gas and/or liquid volume, well pressure and volume of chemicals used, etc. Develops and applies an understanding of lease issues.

  • Perform operational checks of assigned wells, equipment and plant facilities
  • Conduct production tests and perform minor repairs
  • Witness gauging and tests, ensuring accuracy of run tickets as required
  • Represent the company in delivery/receipt of materials and equipment
  • Maintain regulatory, environmental and safety compliance in conjunction with and through close coordination with the Operations Engineers, Superintendents, Foremen, and Environmental Health and Safety Department
  • Secure and maintain all company equipment, including but not limited to computers, vehicles, and analysis or test equipment
  • Possess the right and obligation to stop work if unsafe conditions exist or are suspected
  • Provide field wide contact with all personnel in the event of emergency or other significant occurrences
  • Maintain facilities painting, general upkeep, vegetation control, road maintenance etc.
  • Maintain positive relationship with local, state, and Federal representatives and surface owners
  • Train newly hired and/or less experienced lease operators
  • Maximize profitability of assigned wells
  • 5+ years of experience in Oil and Gas Industry
Maintenance Technician
Stillwater, Oklahoma

White Star Petroleum is accepting applications for the full-time position of Maintenance Technician.

  • Analyze and determine causes associated with manual, automatic, hydraulic, electric & pneumatic controllers
  • Make mechanical and minor electrical repairs (12/24 volt & minor 110 volt), request needed parts, etc.
  • Diagnose and repair problems affecting the operation of production equipment
  • Obtain or request needed parts to complete repairs in the shortest time possible to eliminate extensive loss of production
  • Respond to written work requests as directed
  • Observe all safety procedures and policies
  • Maintain accurate documentation of all work performed
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Experience in maintaining and repairing pneumatics
  • Must have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in actual repair of electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic equipment
  • Skill in troubleshooting electrical, electronic, mechanical and hydraulic malfunctions of production equipment
  • Strong knowledge of production equipment operation, fundamentals of electronic equipment and mechanical mechanisms
  • Ability to lift 50lbs minimum
  • Extended walking and/or standing
  • Twisting and turning to get in/out of a vehicle numerous times per day
  • Stepping up on or over tank battery piping, and stepping on to the well head valving across the cellar to make adjustment to BPV and/or all other associated wellhead equipment

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